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ESWC-Finals: av3k nicht dabei!

Wie von av3ks Sponsor Serious-Gaming hervorgeht, wird der junge Pole nicht an den ESWC-Finals teilnehmen können wegen Visum Problemen. Zitat aus der offiziellen Mitteilung:

The ESWC Grand Finals, to be held next week in San Jose USA, has been deprived of one of its favorits in the Quake 3 tournament. Today became clear defending world champion Poland Maciej Av3k Krzykowski will not be able to attend ESWC 2008. After several attempts to get a visa to the United States and be able to participate in ESWC 2008, his final desperate try failed today.

Der Manager von Serious geht auf ESR etwas ins Detail:

Its difficult for me to judge the situation from here. Av3k had to renew his visa, and thought it would not cause any problems. Unfortunately things went different then hoped and expected. This is a blow for the ESWC tournament, it loses a great competitor full of ambition to defend his title.

AmerikaZeRo4 wirds freuen.

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