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ESWC Masters of Athens Special: “l1nkin”

Erst ein paar Wochen ist es her, da hatte unser “rasender Russe” d1ablo ein Interview mit französischen Spieler l1nkin führen können, dass wir in unserem ESWC Masters of Athens Special veröffentlichen wollten -, nichtsahnend dass l1nkin in dieser Zeit mitsamt Kollegen un1ty sein Sponsoring beim Multi-Gaming Team Millenium verlieren würde (wir berichteten).

Doch trotz dieser Umstände wollen wir das Interview veröffentlichen, schließlich sagte mal ein dilettantischer amerikanischer Präsident : „Wir sind auf jedes unvorhergesehene Ereignis vorbereitet, das auftritt oder auch nicht.“

Gemäß dieser “unbestreitbaren Logik”… also… ach egal: hier ist das Interview:

Interview mit l1nkin:

Can you confirm that you will attend Athens?

link1n: Yes, i’ll attend to ESWC Masters of Athens, of course.

Some quakers are thinking that you are not a 1on1 player and some other should take your invite. What do you think about that? Did you expect the invite?

link1n: I think I should agree with those guys. I mean, I’m not describing myself as a 1on1 player, much more like a teammate (CTF & TDM). I like to have support of my team, and I don’t really like 1on1. But still, I kinda like it now, since I participated in a few tournaments, it feels fine. I didn’t expect about the invite actually, I thought if there was a french player it should have been strenx since he won the

I’d like to see more & more Q3/QL tournaments.. but not in 1on1.. we’ve seen too much of it already, 2on2, 4v4 tdm/ctf or 5v5 ctf would be so much more enjoyable in a tourney.. I miss tdm/ctf … I only play it over internet.. and it’s not the same :)

Whats the situation in the french dueling scene right now? The glory times of St_Germain, Castro are no more since many years.. Do you expect some french duel star coming (back)?

link1n: Definitely not. The french duel star should be strenx, he prolly played more duels than me in the last few months than I did in the last few years :P He’s young, new, got ambition and if he works out he’ll be very very difficult to beat. Players like St_Germain, thefou, Castro, kazuyama.. they made their time, it’s over now. The skill changed, they’ll never catch it up i think

But at least your TDM is very strong, also if those players left. In case there will come an 2on2 cup, who would be your partner?

link1n: Prolly unity, if he’s up for it. We played together since so many years so I don’t know why I would change my partner :P If he’s no more motivated I’ll try to find someone else, of course. But he’s the one!

What do you think about toxjq comeback? What can he reach in Athens?

link1n: Heh, I don’t know. I didn’t see him playing Q3.. he was all about QL, and he played more than 250 duels in QL.. so I think he’s gonna be in shape pretty fast. If he is, then I believe he could reach a top3 in Athens, for sure. He has the mental, the skill, the tactic, I don’t see him fail there.
But maybe I’m wrong, maybe he’s not okay with CPMA (we all aren’t), but, ye why not, top3.

But you know that CPMA is very different. Many stars failed on it. See Cooller f.e.

Are you happy that ESWC is back to France? Should ESWC stay in Paris forever?

link1n: True, and I was really surprised. I mean, some games, he’s really impressive he could have been in the top, and defeat Cypher. But in official, he did so many mistakes, it wasn’t the real Cooller we know. CPMA is fucked up, everything is about aim and it’s killing q3.

Since I’m french, I’m very happy about having ESWC in France :P It’s so easy for me to go, but yeah, it’s easy for foreign people to get there, at least easier than the US.. the trip is less expensive, so more people can attend, and spectate the game. There was almost nobody during the ESWC finals, the spectators were the gamers.. so having ESWC in France is the best thing we could have.

Ofcourse… you have thousands of french fans there! A bit unfair tho, dont you think? If I remember 2006, “ole le winz…”

link1n: Well, having the crowd behind you is helping but most people don’t even know who is winz, they were just shouting because it was french! Ok it’s kinda unfair, but it’ll be unfair everywhere.. cooller/zero4 in USA, it was the same : “go z4!!!” so unless we create a “ESWC country”, we’ll have it everywhere :P

Now you have been in the USA. Can you give a good answers on Raphas “french food is bleh”? How you liked american food?

link1n: HAHAHA :D To be honest, we can’t really give a good answer when you’re traveling about a tournament. I mean you have no time to go in a great restaurant or something like that, so of course flood is gonna be “blehh” and I’ll say the same thing about american food, I mostly eat hamburgers.. so yeah, american food is bleh and french food owns the planet! FROOOMAGGGEEE!


I wanted to ask you about your setup what mouse, keyboard, mousepad and headset do you use?

link1n: Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical 1.1a

keyboard: Speedlink SL 64-66, but i’ll prolly change to some steelseries

Mousepad: Steelseries QcK Heavy

Headset: Sennheiser HD-590

Do you have any excuse why do you use such fucking old mouse? :D

link1n: Well, I always used old mouses. First, I used wheel mouse optical in black. I gave it a try and I really liked it. Since that time, I always use this kind of mouse. But I tried some new mouses like some razers. But well, too much DPI for me. Sensi fucked up, etc..

and still, looks like new mouse generation have problems with QL so im glad I got my old 400 dpi mouse since it works perfectly well

Thank you for the nice talk!

link1n: Hehe tanks to you for the few questions, I’d like to thank my team Millenium ( and our sponsors Intel & Dell for their support. About the last question, which is “voulez-vous coucher avec moi?”, well you know the answer, remember ESWC 2004 :o) still.. your wife won’t be so happy about that :P

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