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Interview with Jibo

Shortly after his elimination in the vq3 tournament at Dreamhack we were able to get a short interview with Fan RazerJ Zhibo.

The russian/chinese Quake player is considered to be at the top level of the international Quake scene for years now. His biggest successes have to winning CPL Singapur, CPL Nordic and his second place in the CPL Finals in 2006. With these accomplishments he could acquire Razer as a sponsor who made it possible for him to attend every big quake-event this year but high-quality games could not ensure success for him. His best result, placing 2nd at GameGune, brought him 3.000 Ä. In his 1on1 with Carmac cypher said that you will never win a big tournament. What do you think was his motivation for this statement?
RazerJ: Basically he is right - I have different priorities in life now and canít devote that much time into the game as I used to. But saying never - he is just very young and thinks, once he can handle a railgun, everything in life will be easy to accomplish. If it has to be, Iīm going to win a tournament. But at the moment you have to devote a lot of time into the game and be able to live of the winnings to be at the top spot. Without that itís impossible to win.

Do you see competition in Quake as a pastime or would you say your goal is to reach the top?
Quake is a hobby of mine and I enjoy every game, but I am not willing to convert the hobby into a lifestyle.

How do you prepare for a tournament?
RazerJ: In the past I had the time to practice all maps one month before the event. Today I donít have the time to do so anymore and try to play one week before the tournament with my old teammates.

Whatís your opinion on Quake Live, did you have the chance to play the beta and would you prefer playing Quake Live instead of CPMA in the future?
RazerJ: I didínt play the game yet. Only watched it once, but Quake Live will definitely replace Quake 3.

How would you describe your playstyle?
RazerJ: I guess spectators could describe my style of playing better than me, but I try to control all the powerups of the map and am going for surprise attacks where I kill the enemy or hurt him very badly. On CRTs my game is faster and more aggressive. I play worse with LCDs on the other hand, because I canít count on my aiming.

As a friend of Cooller, what would you say are the chance of seeing Anton in future tournaments?
RazerJ: Anton and I will play the AGP Tour, that is assuming Streetrunner (organisator) will find sponsors. If not, I donít see him playing any other tournaments. He plays to win money and itís not worth devoting a lot of time into training for small price money, he lacks the motivation for that.

Which Event oft he past years is your personal highlight?
RazerJ: The whole year 2008 will stay in my memory and all the tournaments, especially because I lost very important key matches in every one of them. Apart from that I enjoyed GameGuneÖSpain, sun and a positive atmosphere. :)

Dreamhack is almost over. What was your prediction before the tournament?
RazerJ: I think the chances were pretty much the same for everyone. The winner will be the one who wants it the most. I lost my playoffs game to av3k and wasnít motivated to keep on playing.

How is the athmosphere at dreamhack? How many times did you visit DH already and will you come back to play at dreamhack?
RazerJ: In 2006 I played both DreamHack tournaments in summer and winter, so this is the third time. The atmosphere is Dreamhackíish :) There is nothing comparable in the world. But DreamHack may exhaust you and the organization is on a low level.

Thank you for the interview!

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