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Für ESReality führte dird eine große Interviewreihe mit einigen der ESWC Finals Teilnehmern:

Auszug aus dem Interview mit fox:

Following this you finished 3rd at GameGune, losing out to Jibo. The event received a lot of praise from viewers but what did you think of the event while there and your performance overall?

The event was indeed nice. The organizers did everything in their power to help and keep everyone happy. You could definitely tell that the spanish quake scene was very happy to have international guests as well, everybody was very friendly. Monitors could’ve been larger but big portions of CRTs arent easy to come by these days I suppose. I was very disappointed to lose to Jibo but at least they put on a great final.

Auszug aus dem Interview mit Jibo:

You finished 4th at ESWC Masters and with it earned your place for the finals. What do you think of your performance there? How was the event overall? See any hot french girls?

My target was top 2 coz i knew Cypher’s shape was more better than me for that moment… After 1 day i already get top 4 :) And my Russian friend wants to see my games in Paris and supporting me in finals. It was very nice for me, but i spent half the night before final for organizing tickets, transfer, explaining when and where etc.. I almost didn’t sleep. And there was new surprises in final day:
me & SLX (french player but not from Paris) got lost in Paris!!! we spent another 2 hours on searching in the morning before finals…but we have really nice walk and talking :D I arrive to the event place 15 mins before my game start and other players already had 1-2 hours warmup. After losing to fox i missed the chance to play on stage and show it to my friend, for me event is finished, so i just “forfeit” to avek. French girls were hot, but i was little depressed [due to the loss].

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