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SombrA entlarvt sich selbst als Cheater (?) *Update*

er spanische Top-Spieler SombrA wurde gestern von den Admins, in Zusammenarbeit mit fox und k1llsen, als Cheater entlarvt. Wobei es wäre fair zu erwähnen - SombrA entlarvte sich eigentlich selbst! Anscheinend war er so froh darüber den Litauer fire_bot besiegt zu haben (2x mit 1 Frag), dass er sofort nach dem Spiel seine Screenshots hochgeladen hat, wo aber noch Wallhack und Radar Cheats zu sehen waren. Das Rechteck links ist ein Radar, der die Position des Gegners anzeigt, ausserdem kann man auf den Screenshots den gegnerischen Namen auf der Map sehen (auf hub links neben Radar und auf ztn am MH) was auf einen Wallhack deutet.

Als Strafe bekam er einen Life-Ban von allen Quake Turnieren die von organisiert werden. Es ist auch gut möglich, dass andere große Ligen wie Clanbase und Kuh3Net dem Spanier die Teilnahme an deren Cups verbieten werden.

Der, jetzt ehemalige, Top Spieler darf mir Sicherheit zu den dümmsten Cheatern aller Zeiten gezählt werden. Zu diesem Award möchten wir ihm natürlich herzlichst gratulieren.

Eine erste Reaktion zu den Anschuldigungen von SombrA findet ihr, wenn ihr den Beitrag weiterlest …

Update 2

Legie (Admin des Turniers) veröffentlichte darauf hin den IRC Log aus dem Gespräch nach dem Spiel und Screenshots aller Admins.

Ausserdem gibt er den genauen Zeitablauf an, was die Echtheit der Screenshots und auch deren Zugehörigkeit zu SombrA bestätigen soll:

“Iam sorry, but really i just doing my admin work.
Screens was on qqc site ~ 17.10 and 2 days ago some guy said me: “what is this cross on the screenshot?, any new cpma modification? … so i asked some players who know more than me and all know it was a cheat. So i checked email and found - screens was from sombra !! he told it by himself !!! anyway i checked IRC log and he send me screens 5 minutes after game…and yes, it was same sombra who was speaking spanish on IRC with unity and with fire_bott and with me in private message….then i asked all specs to send me screens and they send me screens at once. I dont need other proof!
Thanks and sorry for bad eng. (tired )”

Update 1

SombrA’s Antwort, Gepostet in den ESR-Comments:

Hi all,Well i am very surprised about this but what can i say? that is not true? obviusly is not first of all because i play with picmip 3 on CPMA, second is that i am playing this game since it born attended almost all the lan events and all the top players know me due lan events so now that this game is dead do you think that i am going to use fucking cheats on a online tournament for nothing? and then send the screenshots? cmon…

It’s hard to say “hey i dont use” because all of you know think i use this shit is my word vs legie word, i am not pointing legie but these screens are very strange with spectators there etc etc…What can happen there, i really dont know maybe someone hates me and wants to fuck me and it’s doing it but this is totally false. My real screenshots:

I have the demos of these matches and all the matches you want, also you can ask spartie and some others about this shit.Last point, Legie if you dont remove this new i will take legal actions against you because this is totally a big lie and i am not kidding.Regards.

Post #2

Well i want to say sorry about the comment to take legal actions but this is getting so sad.

Imagine that one day you wake up and you see all these shit and the most funny is that you CANT do nothing.

After 12 years playing in lan a lot of events of course more important than these online cups (ESWC, CPL, Lan Arena, etc etc etc…) but hey i tought i want to win these very important cup going to cheat and then i will send the screens cheating XD cmon…

Yes i sent the mail to Legie, but these screenshots are not mine, there are two options or i lie or someone sent these screens or i dont know… but hey i know that you think that i lie :).

Well i cant do nothing i deleted these screenshots after sending it i only keep demos (also i have some logs asking Legie to send the demos on these group matches) but hey beeing a cheater is normal to ask people to play on PB servers when they dont want? because i asked firebot several times to do it but “laggy”.

Cant say anything more, just enjoy the lie and see you in lan.

Was denkt ihr? Hat SombrA tatsächlich Cheats benutzt, oder ist an der Sache eurer Meinung nach etwas faul?

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